Is life amazing? With so much going wrong, how do we know, how should we know? It’s never even amazing for all of us together at once. For an innocuous second, does the world sync up and breathe one breath, that great collective sigh if you will. Does it? Can it be truly heralded then as this amazing entity? To know that even in my laughter, someone is facing dread, to know that in my hunger, someone else is very fed, to know that every second I live, someone else is dead. How then is life amazing?  Shall we find amazement in the dichotomy? That for every side of a coin, there is a reverse? Would we know black, if there was no white? How would gray be found, would that be an oversight? Perhaps, the amazement is not in being one dimensional. But in recognising that trials and tribulations come with the sunshine and giggles. In embracing that fears, and frowns and harsh hard truths abound. They are a part of what makes our world go round. Can there be a riddle without a rhyming sound? Can life be amazing wherever life is found? Take a chance, live and look, you’d be amazed what life you see, and just how amazing that life can be.



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