woman, writer, wanderer … words of growth for this year and beyond.

This entry was really inspired after reading a post by ‘Kate goes Global’ (see link below) where she talks about choosing 3 words to basically live by rather than a list of resolutions for the New Year. I loved her post, and it inspired me in turn to find 3 words to live by but then I realized they were already there…in the tagline of my blog. And in retrospect, I think they’re quite fitting. (I must’ve known what I was up to!)

Having just refreshed my blog after being dormant for nearly 2 years, I chose the tagline of “woman, writer, wanderer”. So in respect to three words to live by for 2015, I think they’ll be mine. I think in fact, that they are words for life, but baby steps.. a year at a time please. I’m 27 years old and to those of you older, naturally I’m a baby but to myself, most days I feel old. Even more than old, most days I feel unaccomplished. I have neither husband nor child, but still I do not mean in that regard. What I really want this year is to grow and develop into my womanhood. To gain some measure of independence, self awareness and understanding as I transition from girlhood into a deeper sense of maturity. Essentially coming into my own as a woman as I approach and appreciate the end of my 20’s.

As a writer, I feel so fantastic that I am actually writing and posting. Since childhood, it’s been a dream of mine to be an author. But I really got caught up in dreaming instead of just doing. And now that I’m doing, I feel liberated, energized and simply inspired. I wanted an outlet and the words were just swirling around inside of me, but even more so I guess it was just time. It feels amazing to put it all collectively in one place and to have an audience. It’s just great to actually be doing what I’ve only been dreaming of for so long and I look forward to my growth now that I’ve started.

I am very visual. Sights attract me and I’ve always wanted to travel yet I didn’t want to do it alone. There’s something about having someone familiar next to you soaking up the same new experience. I’m realizing though that to hang your dreams on having company will just inevitably leave you stranded. So I’m hoping to travel, to wander, to experience and to explore whether or not anyone comes with me. Maybe someone or something new will become familiar along the way.

All three combined, encapsulate my system of growth for this year and beyond. It is the journey which makes the destination, I’ve always believed but whilst I look forward to this journey, I’m also craving my destination. That place where I’ll faithfully be in a year’s time due to my growth..as a woman, writer and wanderer.

Thanks for reading.

How will you live this year?

Here’s the link to Kate goes Global.




3 thoughts on “woman, writer, wanderer … words of growth for this year and beyond.

  1. Katharina says:

    Hi Gina, thanks for the kind mention – I’m glad the idea of the 3 Words inspired you to pick yours, too. And what 3 words you picked… They’re so strong and powerful! I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey to accomplishment. x

    Liked by 1 person

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