Who Am I..

Have you seen the Annie remake yet? I rather enjoyed it, this song especially “Who Am I?” written by Sia and performed by Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Quvenzhané Wallis. I found it beautiful and given my current journey, very apt.

It reminds me deeply of losing sight of yourself. To be so clouded by what you thought you wanted, and for so long hungering after it that you’re no longer sure of why you wanted it to begin with. And now when it’s possibly visible and within reach after so long, you don’t feel as you thought you would. The near realization feels like a let down.

Sometimes you pursue dreams long expired, that no longer match the person you’ve become or the person you truly want to be. You told yourself that you just needed this extra thing, this next step, this much more money and you rationalized your insatiability because what you longed for seemed like the next logical step, the catalyst for getting you where you wanted to be.

We spend so much time thinking of what we had yesterday and of what we want tomorrow, we don’t see what we have today. And perhaps that’s why we’ve kept missing that one thing. All we have from the days gone by are memories and lessons. Tomorrow? It may never come. Today is always here.

So if you’ve found yourself chasing and hungering, insatiable for what you think you want…it’s already inside of you. Use today to find it. You were blind, you couldn’t see what was in front of you and you lost sight of even yourself. It’s time you stopped chasing anything else and started finding yourself again. And perhaps along with it, you’ll find what’s been so elusive all along.

“I’ve got today, I’ve got to make,
The best I can of it.
‘Cause yesterday is dead and gone,
And me along with it.
I want to start again, so I’ll look within”  –  Who Am I, Annie Soundtrack 2014

Ever had a profound realization that made the simplest sense?
Here's to looking within and starting again.



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