nowhere to go but everywhere

I am strapped inside a metal can above the clouds, with nowhere to go but everywhere. The sky is open and clear and considering my journey, now is the best time to write in solace. I’ve had a cathartic couple of weeks so far. Quite different from the tumultuous and cringe-worthy year past. That sucker had enough ingredients to spur a good pot of struggle and self-discovery. So here I am, several thousand feet above ground and although there’s a destination on my boarding pass…I’m not exactly sure of where am going or of where I’ll end up. 

Avril Lavigne is to my left and right and well…so much for my happy ending she says. I’m reminded of my post before about the liberty of being a stranger in a crowd. That is so pivotal now. As surrounded by the unfamiliar, here I am finding myself. I look different. I feel different. I’ve made some cuts in my journey of catharsis…forcibly. And I am now sans several inches and what used to be a vip. My normal is now a novelty.

Perhaps the journey will reflect that the things I’ve lost, I am better without; these things, which I thought were important and inherent but just illusions. The facade is gone now and the reality is stark and painful and trying. But through the struggle, I am finding my strength and feeling lighter without the pretense, ambiguity and misrepresentations of an ideal. I can be cleansed, emerge revitalised and be better where I am than where I was and best where I will be. 



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