better possibilities


A year ago to now, so much is different, so much has changed. And while I mourn the loss of what I’m missing, I know now that with it I would have stayed the same. The difference is in more than the surface. Where it matters most is within.

For too long it’s what I focused on, it’s all I could see. And then I was losing everything. Or, it felt that way to me. I was reminded that there is no strength without struggle. No success without test. And I was going to be so much better than I’d ever been before. 

There are things I loved that perhaps were never meant for me. Things I will always love even in letting go. 

And there is still so much to deal with, an injury and unknown diagnosis. The pain is real, but I am growing…on a journey of better possibilities. 



Leave a comment please. Feedback helps me grow.

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