surviving a metaphysical death


I guess there was no big sign, no flashing light that brought about our end. Rather it was slow and rippling and unclear like the current that draws you out unknowingly but fatally. This however begins the point of hysteria, pleading, anguish, confusion and pain; the pain of fleeting hope beyond your reach, the dawning realization that this is it, its over.

But what happens then? Do you die a metaphysical death with your relationship? Does the person you were then cease to be now? Do you blame that person you were on your incapability to resist the current?  Just what are you left with that resembles any kind of strong resilient being when that which makes you you, has been treated so devastatingly and thrown out to sea?

It is in that dark and tumultuous time that a decision must be made. A decision, because even while the situation seems futile, you still have options. Shall we surrender or shall we swim..

The easiest option will always be to surrender, to sink, to flounder, to die. But to do so, you would have committed an even greater atrocity against yourself. You would have given up.

Endeavor instead for the hard swim, to float, to fight, to live. It is the only saving grace for a soul that has been broken, it is the only way to find light and peace and the shoreline again. And you will find then that it is only when we are afraid that we can be brave, when we are broken that we can be repaired and only when we live, we can love again.




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