I went to bed in pain and woke up the same way. It’s annoying and encouraging all at the same time. I guess am reminded of my mortality yet still motivated to seize the day. I’ve fought, I’ve accepted and now I’m feeling pensive. But here’s hoping for some action, something crazy good for the day. Let’s see. 

Some days like today I reflect back on scenes from my life and wonder, did I do that right? Should I have said or done or thought more about something? But then they’re just images from a life already lived and some day I’ll reflect on this moment and wonder about it too. So just like that I’m pulled back to the now wherein my questions are still relevant and applicable.

Suffice it to say we get pulled out of the present to get caught up with the past which we can no longer influence, and we look towards a future while the here and now goes unseen. We’re seemingly just some humans bent on irony in trying to exist in the static and not live in the fluid, chasing the uncertain and leaving the surety behind.

So…how about pain or no, we just live today?



5 thoughts on “today

  1. Jarrod C says:

    The challenge is not to dwell on your mistakes in the past and to learn and grow from them. Too many people become stuck in their personal growth. They become trapped in a vicious cycle where they repeat the same mistakes.


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