fitness & wellness – take #1

By doctor’s orders and just by looking into the mirror at my fantastic self, I will be adding fitness and wellness to my journey. It makes sense as in any case for growth and betterment, a healthy mind, spirit and body are key.

Already here I am, sweaty and tired and wondering as to why I am awake. But I can do this, right?! Ok. So I’ll be improving my diet and adding workouts to my day. I do have to be mindful of my hand though, so as not to exert too much force or put too much pressure on it. But overall, it will be good for me.

I did a bit of yoga and cardio this morning and it just reminds me that I need to start small, take my time and not stress too much. I could also really do with a fitness tracker right about now (laughs at self and sighs). But not to worry, I know where to find an awesome one.

I’m a jumble of nerves, anxiety and hope, because I know it’s going to be hard, I know I’ll want to quit and I definitely will falter, but even more so, I know that it’ll be worth it. So here I go.

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