for a moment of clarity

be free of your worries

let go of the strain

be not afraid of the darkness

rejoice in a little pain

for that which freezes, thaws

and rainbows follow rain

the obscured regains clarity

the heart beats again.

It is difficult at times to fully convey the depth and gravity of what you’re thinking and feeling. Whether it be sorrow or pain, frustration or uncertainty, life is full of days and hours and minutes of these feelings that swirl around and swarm you. And then despair can be deafening, so loud that you can’t even hear or let alone be receptive to any cheer.

In my case, even when I’m still, my mind is hyperactive. So it becomes difficult to reign in my thoughts and I ramble.. go off on tangents, and become lost in myself very easily. Perhaps that’s why I need to write to just siphon off some of the excess cohesively.

Hence, to anyone who takes the time to read and look and listen, I hope that you can understand and somehow appreciate where I’m coming from and more importantly where I am.

Bon courage,



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