be inspired


What will inspire us today…?

There are many ways to be inspired, whether it be from internal reflection or outward stimulation. And we should always strive for that inspiration and drive to become and maintain our very best selves.

We live in a world composed of much beauty and danger, heightened advancements and yet dulled awareness. It is a time in which, death comes at us from every angle, through the evil warped cruelty of Man and even the tempestuous whims of a provoked mother nature.

What inspires us then to be our best selves whilst chaos and mayhem run rampant and disease and beheadings hit closer to home?

Be inspired that life is a two sided coin, a juxtaposition and a contrary thing so that even where there is darkness there can still be light. And it is for us to find and nourish what ever beauty be left, because change like charity begins at home.



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