fitness & wellness – take #2

So on the path to fitness and wellness, I started cooking again, after a brief hiatus. But if you know me, or even yourself then you know temptation abounds.

Sigh, just scrolling through my instagram feed it’s a mix of detoxwater, cookiesofgram, healthybodyguide, and then oooohhh 🙂 mcconnellsicecreams. Clearly, I’m confused…Or am I?

Really and truly it’s all within my clever plan of not being deterred even though I be tempted and whilst keeping the tools I need close at hand as well; building fortitude to walk away even in the face of provocation and staying to the path of healthy resilience.

It must be noted too that support is vital when facing any difficulty. So feel free to share if you too are on a path of fitness and wellness, or if you just wish to spread some motivation for mine. Plus, if you’re hungry, there’s dinner.

gdp IMG_20150204_170001


6 thoughts on “fitness & wellness – take #2

  1. thejoshuagenerationministries says:

    I’m into health and fitness as well…I only have one life to live so I want to be in best of health…having said all of that…I have recently fallen off a little, but you have motivated me to return back to my old pattern of healthy living. Thanks! 🙂

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