the ifs

if you’re waiting for answers, they may never come

if you’re hoping for closure, it may never happen

and if you’re waiting for him, he may not be the one.

Many things which we look outward for, already dwell within us. And sometimes it’s not knowing where to look or how to look that keeps us looking out and inevitably lost.

It is so hard to be introspective because there may be things that we’ve hidden, that we never want to find again. But if its lying right over what we need to address and come to terms with then it requires disturbing.

I’ve needed closure. And it is hard to accept that after looking outward and even inward to find it, it may come to me in a way that I didn’t expect and perhaps never wanted.

But I am reminded of writing, having one thought in mind and being led somehow, somewhere entirely else. This is because I am never totally sure of what will come out once I begin, even when I go into it with a plan already set.

And it’s just the reality that life often leads us astray to take us right where we need to be.



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