open arms

I am oddly moved by this thing that I’ve found. Even more amazed that I’ve had it all along. I just might cry and even laugh all at once. But I feel..peaceful. Like coming home after being gone for way too long.

If you can see me now, I look so bizarre I’m sure. Because here I am trying to make sense of it all, and I have that face that betrays me, more emotive than I want it to be, and my eyes, sigh..they give me away every time. It’s another reason I don’t bother with lying, and I only play poker online ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

I am at such a strange place where I’m not even certain of the next ten minutes but I’m good. And hey, have you ever listened to Journey..(JD would be so proud of me) sigh, they are so amazing. Trust me, this is all very important, and I warned you already about my ramblings anyways. So pay attention please.

Too often I put so much thought into how someone else made me feel, and even the reverse. But finding myself at peace and happy with just me, with just Gina? Sigh, it’s always the simplest things which have the most profound impact.

It’s a thin line between appreciating and getting caught up in yourself; between self love and worth and vanity based narcissism. As in most things I believe balance and harmony are key in discerning what is just right. So trust yourself, your instinct is important and sometimes all you can rely upon. And maybe you’ll find yourself in a similar position, crying and laughing, looking strange yet calm.. and just at peace.



3 thoughts on “open arms

  1. thejoshuagenerationministries says:

    Several years ago, I arrived at that place called peace…and you’re correct…it’s a wonderful place to be. However, I allowed others to invade my place and disrupt my sense of peace. I must say that it was a costly lesson to learn. I have recently returned to that place of serenity wherein things of insignificance no longer matter. I am happy…but most importantly, I am free to be me!!! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚


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