stay with me

Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” surrounded me tonight. Both for obvious reasons and otherwise and I am reminded that music, like art and well like most things, is open to interpretation. Very few things have hard and fast truths, and whereas Sam could’ve written his song to convey one thing, it can be interpreted by his audience in a multitude of ways.

The same is true with my own writing. I often wonder if anyone fully understands the underlying meanings and even what is obviously stated, because most times I write with more than one feeling in mind. I truly cannot help, because it’s how I think and even at times how I speak. Word play and double entendres just get me going, so I can be confusing and clear all at the same time.

Music is art anyway and a song like “stay with me” resonates deeply. All in one, it is hope and fear, keeping and leaving, love and despair, it is agony, but it is beautiful. What it does, is it tells a story and becomes a cathartic release for the soul.

So congratulations Sam. Four Grammys aside, from heartbreak to now you are in a better place. And that, after all is the entire point.



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