fitness & wellness – take #3

So today I present to you fitness and wellness, take 3. It is a retelling of a day I had most recently. I found out first hand that on the journey to becoming fit and healthy, there will be many obstacles present.

So here I am, goals in mind, eyeing my favourite pair of jeans and being a good girl for my doctor and so I get up every morning. And I get my butt moving to that cardio. I stretch and meditate and become at peace with my body through yoga. And I start sweating and feeling great and then this happens.


Minding my own business, on the way to the juice bar, he attacks me. And worser still is that I saw him coming, but I said no, I’m strong enough to walk past Pastry Passions and not give in. And so I take my fastness and start walking past, but then I smell it. Sigh. I smell them all and they smell like comfort and love and like they just want to take care of me, you know? So this is my face. Wondering if I should or if I shouldn’t.

2015-02-07 20.09.48

The devil is a ninja but God is the sensei. And I do not take orders from cheesecake. So I keep walking. I sniff again and I savour … because, hey you can’t get fat from smelling it and I know that I’ll keep walking. Even more importantly, I know that what I want later is greater than what I want now.

So here’s what I had instead.


Am saving the cake for my birthday anyways.



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