one, two, three, four..

One: I feel that a person can have a healthy drive to do and be better for themselves and the world. But there is also an insatiability that becomes borderline greedy and ungrateful. And one must be careful in discerning between the two.

Two: I also have difficulty with those who wanted apples, got the apples but then keep peering at the oranges. And in this analogy, you really can only eat one fruit, so no mixed fruit basket for you, my friend.

Three: The people who are more curious than concerned. They annoy meย and they are everywhere. They’re the people who stare at you as you take a selfie, who murmur about you but don’t know you, and most absurdly, who have no investment in your life but pay interest daily.

Four: Please be steady in creating your light, the world is filled with shadows.



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