You can have a really fantastic day, where even the things which would have caused you trepidation turned out alright. Your biggest issue might have been that your phone battery was dying, your data was low and you were trying to Skype call internationally. But then even that worked out.

Then you wake up the next morning, and hear that that same day you just had, for someone else, it was their very last.

Everything is so relative when it comes to life. Your good is someone else’s bad, and vice versa. Someone wins, another loses; someone continues on and another comes to a halt. It brings to mind something am certain most parents have said to their children..”Eat your dinner! Somebody somewhere would be happy for it.” Right?!

It’s a point of relativity that gives an appreciation for everything you go through whether it be good or bad. Your today may be someone’s yesterday, and their tomorrow might be your today.

And while you need that appreciation, still you should never base your life against someone else’s. They can motivate you or discourage you in comparison. And the only true person you should ever compare yourself with, is you. Compare yourself with who you were to who you are, with who you are to who you will be because no one walks in your shoes but you.

Oh!  And before I forget… It’s February 14th right?

..for those who love, time is eternity. -  H V D

..for those who love, time is eternity. – H V D

Happy Saturday 🙂



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