Today is a day of celebration. 100 followers!!!! Thank you so much for starting and staying with me, for giving feedback, and viewing every day. I was looking to inspire myself, but all of you have inspired me.

I started writing in a time of deep adversity and there were days when it was so difficult to even raise my head, let alone keep it up. But then the thoughts from within me started banging down my walls screaming and kicking to be let out. And so out they came.

I started reading at an early age and fell in love with it. I used to walk around with a book and a dictionary as a little girl, as I became lost and found repeatedly in the pages of another world. With early ambition, I wanted to be an author when I grew up. But subsequently, that thought actually delayed such development. Reason being, is somehow I thought that becoming a writer was something I needed to be as a grown up, or as an adult. It was something that I never thought I could be just then, and I very well could have.

But, everything happens in its own time. And perhaps, I needed a certain incentive to finally be who I’ve always dreamed of being, and even more so, to believe in myself that I would be good at it.

Someone recently asked me, “what is your greatest weakness?” And I answered saying, “I am my biggest weakness. I doubt myself, I second guess myself, I am my own worst enemy. Because I very often stay comfortable in being good, too afraid to push myself into being great.”

So then, I was asked, “what is your greatest strength?” And it came to me, that my greatest strength was the exact opposite. It was that I am so much more than I have ever allowed myself to be. I have within me the capacity for more, for better, and for the best, and it is an attainable and progressive quality of mine.

If the zodiac is to be believed; I am a true pisces, most dichotomous in nature. Fluctuating and fluid, stable and strong.

And so, I thank you all. For witnessing my growth and my process. I keep learning just what and even more importantly, who is important. I have been surrounded and supported by the love and truth of my family and friends, in a time when I truly needed them. They have been God-sends to me and I cherish every one of them. They’ve also reminded me that you should never be so caught up in yourself, that you lose sight of someone else.

We’re all going through some thing, or will at some point. Whether it be heartbreak, loss, uncertainty, insecurity, pain, or anxiety, these feelings are never unique to just you. So be mindful that when someone is comforting you, that they may need comfort in turn.

I will keep going. I hope that you will all stay and that many, many more will join us. This is a journey and a process of change, catharsis, and celebration. We can live it and write it. For we may very well find, that we can only appreciate where we end up if we can appreciate howย we got there.




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