our story

This is my first birthday with my mother in 6 years. I’ve missed her. She’s currently regaling me with my birth story. She says that the current Governor General was her physician, who told her that either she was going to have a big baby or twins. I was due on the 26th of March, so she made plans to go to her friend’s wedding on Friday the 13th, two weeks before. She had her hair done, dress and shoes set, but then at 11 am went into pain. I was born at 3 in the afternoon, weighing in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces; a big baby, who she named Gina Damarley Denuta.

The nurse, apparently offered to keep me so that Mummy could still make the 4 o’clock ceremony. She kindly declined and says she wasn’t sure if she’d come back and meet me. She says this with the straightest face ever. Sigh. That’s Nyoka for you; hilarious and unfiltered.

So, I was born 13 days early, on the 13th of the 3rd month at 3 pm. Maybe it means nothing, but just as I do words, I love numbers. And even more still, I absolutely love my mother.


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