for everyone who’s lost someone

I started writing again and this happened..

I think it’s for everyone who’s lost anyone in any way.

Everyone says time makes it easier

I guess they think it releases the pain

I’m not sure if they’re right at all

But if you ask them, they say day by day

I think we leave too much to time

We leave too much to fate

I guess it’s the powerlessness we feel

That incapacity to escape

For be it an hour to forever

Despite all the distractions we make

That pain they said would be easier

Just lives on

And never goes away.



3 thoughts on “for everyone who’s lost someone

  1. Sean Mungin says:

    Maybe not leaving it to time…maybe allowing time to lapse as we engage in other activities. I remember dealing with letting go and would talk about it as often as my mouth would open to speak. I really don’t know when it ceased, but in just speaking of it again, it does leave as we continue to allow life to happen.


  2. Karma Noir says:

    I actually think it’s the feeling of powerlessness that helped me overcome the pain, not time. Months passed and the hole in my chest was still gaping. But the day I figured out (jolted myself about) the inevitability of death was the day I tentatively started back stepping through life. Time doesn’t make it easier. Time doesn’t make us forget. Time only makes us cope it better.

    Loved your words.

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