the muse

make me your muse and for you I will inspire

we’ll paint a canvas of dreams

and pen sonnets of desire

I’ll be your lightning

and you’ll thunder the sky

we’ll bless the earth

and renew the expired

make me your compass and for us I will guide

our sins to redemption

and our stars to align



16 thoughts on “the muse

      • theginnydiaries says:

        This is why I appreciate feedback. I wrote the first line, and then those others just followed as if they’d already been on the page. It’s weird because sometimes I write in a sense of deja vu, not really sure if its something I’ve seen somewhere else, or if I myself may have written it before. I am thankful though that you felt something in it and enjoyed this piece.


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      • The V-Pub says:

        Hi Gina. I did enjoy it. To your point about the words that just followed. Keith Richards once said that songs write themselves, we just have to be ready to write them down. I feel the same way. I write music and sometimes feel that I just let it flow from within and not so much constructed it. Does that make sense?

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      • theginnydiaries says:

        It makes absolute sense. He is very right. Because, most days my posts really write themselves. So I won’t post at all, or then I do 3 times a day. Sometimes, they come as they please, sometimes they get naughty and I have to go get them. And I can see the very same to be true for anyone who creates anything from internal materials.

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      • The V-Pub says:

        There’s no doubt. I’ve tried to force myself to write music, or blog posts and guess what? That’s how they come out – forced, strained, insincere. Now, I’m more patient about things, especially music. If nothing comes out, I let it go and return to it another day.


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