You are everything to me.

You are my little sister, my niece, my child and my best friend. And most importantly, you are going to be an amazing and wonderful mother. You are hilarious and honest; candid and caring; feisty and facetious and you get on my very last nerve. But I love you dearly, and I miss you when you’re gone.

I think we fight every day. As long as we’re in the same room together, since we were just little girls, there’s been a quarrel. We’ve grown up together and now we are growing in a new way. I am honestly in a frenzy of anxiety and excitement and during your ultrasound, I just wanted to bawl.

It is so freaking cool that you are going to be a mother and I pray for you so many blessings and so much goodness.

I know it won’t be easy; the good things never are. It’s just a new adventure, the next chapter in your journey and one of us had to do it first, so thanks for taking one for the team. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love you with my every breath and your little one, so much more. Don’t be jealous. You’ll always be my #1.

G. wpid-img_20150329_161008.jpg image


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