Someone fabulous told me today that they could hear the difference in my voice. And that observation made a difference to me. I know my aim is to grow, develop and be awesomer (stand back.. I am making it a word today!). But the reality of growth is amazing when you stop looking so closely at it, waiting and watching with bated breath, and you just do what needs doing and it happens.

Quite often, there are many nights you’ll go to bed unsure of what you may have achieved that day from the moment of awakening, and you may resolve to do better the next day. Those days become weeks and the weeks turn into months and maybe longer but then you see it; that growth which cannot be tracked minutely but must be given time to accrue and settle into itself.

I can certainly say this, it takes more – whether it be time, care, energy, thought, whatever more  is for your situation – it takes more to create than it takes to destroy. And naturally this applies to anything of substance, benefit or value, always.

So I learned to swim because I was sinking. And seemingly as it turns out over time, the difference isn’t just that I am no longer sinking, it is that a pretty strong swimmer, am I.



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