To be or not to be…

“Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me.”
I am a believer in semantics. And one of the semantical issues which has boggled me is, what is the difference between being in love with someone and loving someone?
It’s a question I’ve asked more than once. And seemingly no one is fully clear on the matter. So let’s ponder it out, shall we? To be in love versus to love.
To be in love seems to signify a current state of feeling. And hence the term “falling in love” to reflect entering such a state. It also makes sense then when it’s stated that one has “fallen out of love”. For if being in love is something one can enter into then it stands to reason that it can also be left.
In true girlish fancy it sounds great to hear someone say that they are “in love with you”. But it’s always seemed rather fickle and chaotic. And so with a little more experience now, I pose this question, “but for how long?”
One of the responses I’ve gotten actually pointed out to me, that it’s not about being in love but rather about staying in love.
Which brings me to this, perhaps it is in the staying that so comes the just love part. A part that resides within the fluctuations of being in and out of love or perhaps yet still outside of any fluctuation in a more permanent established state.
And I am thoroughly confused now.
So.. whether or not there is in fact a difference, I’ll say this.
I don’t think we should be so worried to “fall in love”. But rather, be concerned about “staying in love”. I think we should let our worries lie with rising and not falling, to that permanent state of love, which knows no fluctuation.
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and to be loved in return.”

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