For my viewers

It’s funny how we live in a world where things are never quite always as they seem. Even further, they’re never quite as we make them out to be.

There have been reports of persons attending fake universities, or even being falsely enrolled in school. There’s cat fishing whereby the young Victoria’s Secret supermodel you’ve been talking to online for months, turns out to be a 62 year old grandmother trying her hand at cougarism. And then there are the Facebook relationships. Where for all public intensive purposes, you and your boyfriend are having the sweetest, cutest, most committed relationship ever. And I don’t know if you’re trying to fake it til you make it, but power to you (see opening sentences).

There are the couples who are only dating/seeing each other and then those that are not. There are people actually enrolled in legitimate facilities of learning and those who are not. And most importantly, there are people who know to whom they are speaking and those who do not. I know where I stand. Please be sure that you do as well.

I may use double entendres but I have no patience for double lives.

If you want to know, then ask. And if you have to ask..



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