the eclectic and absurd

I’ve had a weird week. Nothing overtly dramatic, just perhaps eclectic. And now it’s Saturday and I’ve got a Bengay heat pad strapped to my shoulder. Sigh, I had it coming, like I said “a weird week”, and so I turned on my iTunes. And I started writing.

My taste in music is absolutely absurd! And I realize that most times I listen to music with someone, its a very particular artist or group that we listen to. Because there’s probably only one or two people in my life that actually understands why my playlist is what it is and will listen to it with me. And if you’ve never taken a road trip with your mixed list playlist, its a must. Even if you go without a playlist, hope that your car has a working radio. (I have also learnt that the Portuguese have a healthy appreciation for the good stuff.)

So yes. It’s possible my tastes in music reflect my personality. I hardly ever like a new song. And by the time that I do, it’s about 6 months to a year new. I prefer the older stuff. I will put an album on repeat after its won a grammy. And naturally by then, most people are tired of it. So suffice it to say I am not the one to rock your party with the latest. You may however, get the greatest.

This is who I’ve listened to for the morning thus far:

Avril Lavigne, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Ruff Endz, RyanDan.ย 

And…Joshua Radin, Josh Groban, Coldplay, Sara Bareilles, P!nk, Linkin Park, Florence and the Machine, Chris De Burgh, the boys from Blackstreet & Backstreet, and Philip Phillips, may be making appearances also.

So what are you listening to?

I’ve got a work-out playlist, a femininist-motivational-am feeling me-power playlist, an all I want to do is cry playlist, a lets get it on playlist, an I can’t be bothered with your lies and drama so am doing me playlist, a lazy day playlist, a road-trip/flight/travel playlist, the God & life is so good-inspirational playlist, you get the gist…music is like the fuel for life. There’s a soundtrack for everything.

So when you forget your iPod, mp3 or your phone battery’s dead and you can’t access your music player, just sing. No matter who or what can hear you and you don’t sound like Beyonce, sing and make your own music. It’s what I do.

And it’s very helpful and therapeutic for the weird weeks of life.



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