reflects in retrospect

Don’t be worried if the world doesn’t believe in you.
You can do it.

Don’t be worried if the one person who should doesn’t either.
You’ll be fine. 

And don’t even be worried if you don’t believe in yourself.

Because that is not the point when you should be worried.
That is the point when you should be afraid.

For you are your very own worst weakness 
and similarly,
your greatest strength.


I used to only take photos in black and white. And what’s amazing is that in retrospect I think I was hiding but sometimes it is only in black and white that our colours are truly visible.




14 thoughts on “reflects in retrospect

      • Jarrod C says:

        People often define themselves by the measures of others. We waste our time waiting to be fulfilled by others and for them to hold us up for our insecurities.

        Thanks for posting this very inspiring post.

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      • theginnydiaries says:

        Thank you for being inspired. I am tired of letting anyone but me define me. My happiness, my worth, my success, it’s all up to me. Measure yourself against who you were, who you are and who you want to be. That’s the only true way it’ll count.


      • Jarrod C says:

        Well stated. That is something I am currently struggling with. Defining myself against who I think I should be and realizing my path is set to be different and realizing that is okay and I am not a failure.

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      • theginnydiaries says:

        Good! Because that’s another point. Sometimes we become our own enemies by the restrictions we place on ourselves. And rather than being who we think we should be, perhaps it’s better to just let ourselves be. Our minds and our spirits need to stop fighting. 😩 lol.


      • Jarrod C says:

        Sometimes – for better or for worse – it is hard to give up our expectations especially if we are perfectionists. Defining “success” and “happiness” is important and has different definitions to each individual.

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      • theginnydiaries says:

        Truth. Sigh. It’s funny because sometimes you have to get past a moment to realise how you felt in it. And for me too often that’s when I’ve realised my happiness. In retrospect. I’m striving to have those realisations in the current time frame. That’s my struggle.


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