what makes it worth it

I feel May approaching and it doesn’t take a year to see the difference, nearly five months is quite enough. What isn’t enough is how little it takes to destroy what takes so long to create. I daresay even what took 6 days to build may burn in an hour.

For what burns like the conscience and weighs heavy like your heart … enlightenment is burdensome. And the length of a thing does make a difference. But in making mistakes, shorter will always be better.

I think too that good things are supposed to take time. And the bad… perhaps they go so quickly because they’re made of nothing lasting, even when they linger, petering and persisting, they do come to an end.

So come what may, I think we all want what’s lasting and thus, it matters indeed what we dedicate our time to. For whether it’s been five months to a year, a new ending to an old story is all the difference we’ll need to know… it’s been worth it.

x. Ginny 


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