running shoes

   Running shoes are special. They need to fit your feet just right. Because when running isn’t your forte, it is especially nice to have a pair that you’ll feel at home in when undertaking what’s difficult, but worth it.

Love what you have or lose what you had.



12 thoughts on “running shoes

      • Jarrod C says:

        You got it. I wouldn’t consider myself a runner but I do run to stay in shape. I unfortunately damaged my knee extensively about 20 years ago and it can’t take the pounding of marathons and such. I’m doing well with it though!

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      • Jarrod C says:

        Thanks! It was a challenge but it is also motivating. The worst was the mental block that kept me from getting into exercises like squats. Once I defeated that, I’ve been moving forward. My goal this summer is to hit 300 lbs on back squats. I might do that before July! That would be a big step!


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