for the little ones,

I read so many news articles these days. Some of them like the updates on the men, women and children affected by Boko Haram leave me with a feeling of devastation. There are so many articles on Bill Cosby, ISIS, the royal baby, the Nepal crisis, the Amtrak crash…I end up reading fluff pieces about Tiger Woods just to clear my head.

However of everything I’ve read lately, for this one I had to take a moment. Because I didn’t shed a tear, I full on bawled over this story, which showed up in my local newspaper.


Sigh. My mother actually pointed it out to me because we’ve been trying to potty train my almost 3 year old nephew. And he just thinks its a game. Someone close to me also has a 2 year old and we often talk about both boys and their growth, especially their potty habits. I know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter how many carpets they ruin, or #1 and #2 and then tell you about it, these children would never have been subjected to this evil.

Now we’re from the Caribbean; children get licks as we call it, a spanking (my mother had a pot spoon) and I never bled, I was never abused. So it grieves my heart what was done to this little one. It truly sickens me that people commit such acts of evil against innocents. I cannot mention on a public forum what I think their punishment should be and it’s not up to me anyway. But I believe some things should be repaid in kind.

Most of all I just hope that this child is at peace now, free of the tyranny he most likely endured when he should have been given love and patience. I hope to never see a story like this ever again.

And as for the little ones who are still here..yes, they will run us ragged, they will test every bone and nerve in our being, but.. they are gifts from God, and as such they need to be nurtured, appreciated and cherished.



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