the hardest thing

Sometimes I’m not certain if it takes more to stay or to go. In staying, nothing has to change, you keep going as you’re used to, and you lose nothing…except perhaps your sanity. In going, everything seems in vain, and the loss you feel isn’t only physical and tangible, you’re certain that you’ve left a substantial portion of you behind.

When you ask someone to do what’s right, when you ask them for the truth, when you fight and reason and still…nothing. What then? Sigh. You must admit that there are roads in life that we can be led to, but we have to cross alone. Because deep down you know that that truth, that change, that courage, which you keep asking for, isn’t for you but for them.

Sometimes we fight the most the things which will be our best. Not because we are unsure of them, but because we remain unsure of ourselves. Ultimately, all you want from someone is what you’re giving of yourself.

The world is full of distractions. But what does that matter when all that you’re running from is within you…? I’ve stopped believing the things that you say, I’m more affected by the things that you do. And stay or go, I’m just ready for things to be better.



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