You know you love me,

As it turns out, I have one more post left in me and I even put my glasses on. So let’s go.

I have found it therapeutic to write at all sorts of times, when I’m happy, anxious, flat out bawling and even now but trust me let’s not get into that, ‘the night can only last for so long’ after all. So I am actually in the process of packing my bags, my room, my life and most importantly me because seemingly everyone else is set on doing a runner, and I figure I might as well join in.

Thus, sitting in a heap of disarray, I am finding a clarity, which comforts and yet frightens. I had often wondered at the timing of things but life just keeps hitting me over the head again and again saying, “Girl, nothing is coincidence”.

So here I go. With the aim that I will be better, smarter and stronger than I am now and have been before. And since that is the case, then shouldn’t the world watch out? Yes, I think it should.


I actually thought too that this wasn’t Gossip Girl, but I can see now very similar elements at play. Because after all, in the midst of the drama, it does in fact seem as if, I have my very own Chuck Bass. And I can’t keep blaming him without realising that I need to change as well.

I still have a lot of growing to do and I am learning that wishing only takes you so far, because doing does the rest. I haven’t always been proud of my choices, but even the bad ones had something to teach me and so I take them all in stride. Another season begins for me and life is like that, journeys within the journey like battles within a war. And I am simply refitting my armour.

Happy summer everyone, it’s going to be refreshing.





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