The Adventures of Ginny

I had to be reminded recently of all the reasons why I couldn’t abandon my writing. I am passionate about it and I do it well and although I’m not sure which influences the other more, suffice it to say, I think I’m back. Consider last week a vacation. This makes me happy and I love it. And I think I have the purpose and perspective for proper execution. Besides, how can you ever leave what you love and makes you happy..

So, your girl was recently stranded at the airport, actually at two airports. For the best of planning, it still happened that way. I have no knowledge of the area so I am really thankful to God for the strangers who helped me and the loved ones who wouldn’t let me sleep amongst the masses waiting for the next flight out.


It was definitely an experience. Someone even messaged me while I was lugging my bags and ready to drop with an, “Omg, I have something to tell you. Link me when you can.” Poor me nearly has a heartache in my frazzled state wondering what’s wrong back at home. And do you know what that B said when I responded alarmed?

She said, “I just wanted to tell you that… I REALLY FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!”.


She doesn’t know it, but she nearly died.

So, yes. Inappropriate people abound. Lol. But it was such a nice unexpected boost when so much around me was going wrong, I am thankful for her too.

I am looking forward to writing again. And although, it nearly mashed me up at the time, I am thankful for what spurred my hiatus. I’ve always been about the journey, even when I craved the destination and all these aspects are a part of it.

There are many adventures on the horizon for me and I am so excited to have them and share them. There are road trips, food fests, family time, reunions, book writing, positivity, and just so much love and life on the agenda.

So stay tuned and stay with me. The journey continues.

X. Ginny



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