The Happiness of Now

I had this conversation today. The importance of being OK in the now. For much of my life, I focused on later. How I’d be happy when my hair was a certain length, or I had a certain job or even when I was with a certain guy. But I can’t live like that and frankly no one should in my opinion.

Be ok now. Right here in this moment. Because as much as you plan for tomorrow, today is what you have. I wake up now and I look in the mirror and I am good with my hair, I feel good about my body. Do I have the job that I want? I do not. The guy? No. But I believe that there is more to my life and more to me so that even without everything I want, I can be ok.

There’s a certain power that I’ve found and it’s called happiness. I discovered it by embracing my today, my now and myself just as I am.


x. Ginny


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