Bottoms Out – An Aunty G Adventure

So today is a mission in potty training. I’m learning that children learn at their own pace but that still as the grown up you have to guide that pace.

My nephew before his first year could name and identify the letters of the alphabet. At two, he knew his shapes including octagon. He is observant and reactive and bosses us like a mini dictator. His first week at day care, he came home and said he wasn’t learning anything. When we questioned his teacher, she agreed and said he wasn’t learning anything because he’d been teaching the class.

Thus, I currently have him walking around the house with his bare bottom to the breeze. Because as brilliant as my little one is, I’m realising that he’s also lazy. And as long as we keep giving him pull ups then he’ll stay in pull ups. So, I’m experimenting and hoping that he’ll embrace this change of pace. His potty feels lonely and quite frankly, Aunty G is literally tired of the shit.


x. Ginny


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