The Courage of Real

Being yourself takes courage. We often take on personas and characteristics in a weird sort of assimilation. Whether its through proximity, or feelings of admiration we tend to emulate and imitate another. Often times, it is also out of insecurity. Because for reasons that are our own, we are constantly aware of how the world sees us, which is perhaps in part because of how we see the world.

Being yourself lays you open. It leaves you raw. And that added persona is perhaps the covering we use as protection. Because when the world rejects your persona, it hits your covering. But when the world rejects you, that hits home.

The fact is though that you will be loved, and or hated regardless. And to me, you might as well be hated for being yourself than loved for being someone else. It takes courage. It takes everything you have and all that you are but imagine what it feels like when you’re loved for being you. Even more, imagine what it feels like when you love yourself for being you.

And I’ll also tell you this…courage that’s found should never be denied.

x. Ginny


6 thoughts on “The Courage of Real

  1. Miami says:

    I do have a question though. What if at a certain age like 30 or 35 you still dont know who the real persona is. You have created multiple personas to make sure that everyone is comfortable and in the end you are satisfied when most ppl are satisfied.

    That is the issue I have presently. In the industry I am in I would be much stronger if I knew who the real me is instead of making everyone happy.

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    • theginnydiaries says:

      To be honest, I think you already know the answer. Which persona makes you happy? In the end your satisfaction should come from being satisfied within yourself. Because what I’ve learnt is that even when you please people today, tomorrow might be a different story. Best to be yourself now and let them be pissed or pleased about it. You have to live with you, so spend the time finding out who that is rather than on the multiples for other people. You’re definitely right. You will be stronger as you than as anyone else. The best way to know though is to find who you are when you’re alone, and then to hold on to that you when you’re around everyone else.


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