Walking Home – An Aunty G Adventure

Apparently, I missed him because he got sprung from school early today. And just walking home together made my heart feel light.

This is love. This relentless feeling that resides within you no matter what, when he runs out of the bathroom and pees on the carpet, when he bawls in the shower in protest to going to school, when we argue about whether it was an iron truck or an oil truck on the corner and when he calls everything “mine” and shouts “no” just to be contrary…this is love. Because he’s right, even I am his.

I look forward to watching him grow, to teaching him and learning from him. I’ve also made him swear to not date til he’s fifty. I should be near senile by then.

I don’t know if I’ll ever give birth to a child but I already feel like a mother because this little one, he’s in the very best moments of my day.


x. Ginny


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