Ginny on the Go

I’d say I’ve had a rocky couple of weeks but in truth, it’s been a rocky couple of years. And it’s such that even when you think you’re making changes, you’re actually just stuck in a charade. Because sometimes the things we want to change are not external, they cannot be fixed with a flight or even a haircut. They run deeper, and resonate from a place that you always take with you.

So how do you get away?

I’ve done the change of scenery, I’ve tried the change of heart, I’ve lost weight and changed my hair…but what can I do with my soul? Sigh.
Nothing less than feed it, fortify it and give it flight. Because I’m realising that I cannot just carry my body, I have to carry me.

I am on the precipice of new experiences. My journey has had setbacks and stalemates and stumbling blocks. And I often wonder if I really needed the lessons I learned, but I paid a heavy price for them. So, they cannot be in vain.

There are so many things that I still need to finally and firmly learning how to drive. It fills me with so much trepidation but I am also kind of excited. An old chica of mine says we’re doing a summer of adventure. So, we’re hitting up the east coast road trip style. A music fest in Philly, a Marilyn Monroe exhibit in New York and just exploring in D.C are all on the itinerary for the next coming weeks. And I am pumped and raring to go.

I think I’m finally finding a way to transport both body and soul and the adventures of ginny are taking off. I already feel the words flowing and the photos will be on point. That book may just happen this summer (there may or may not already be a first draft in the works). 😘

If you’re looking forward to it, just need to talk or have your own adventures to share, I’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t have a wordpress, leave a comment because I enjoy the interaction.

You can also,

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I may need a snapchat or kik, but does anyone use it or recommend it?

Adventures are more fun when they shared so please come along for the ride and be a part of my journey.

x. Ginny


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