You Can’t Keep A Great Girl Down

You should never discount the beauty of a true friend. Because these people are not seasonal, they’ve got year round, squatter’s rights, can’t evict them, don’t talk everyday but they still got you, no bullshit just real clearance. And mine? Well they’re pretty clutch. Mad shout outs to my peeps! 😘

So, I had fun yesterday. I laughed, I cried, I reminisced and most importantly I looked forward.

I had a car ride with this guy who is such a low key big sweetheart, it’s crazy. I love my brother no doubt. And he’s one of a pack of all differing personalities.


Then after a decade apart where we’re no longer rebellious teenagers, where loss and love have found us and where we meet as women so fabulous, this happened. Meet my partner in crime. Spoiler Alert!


The Odunde Festival in Philadelphia was literally hot but I had amazing company and need to take my ass to the gym type food, so… heaven. Fried Oreos, Funnel Cake, Philly Cheese Steak 😋🍴😜


..seriously somebody call my dietician 😣😧😷


It was in short, an experience. You really should never take things for granted. The signs are there for a reason. Read them well, between the lines and check for fine print. But mostly,
I’ve learnt that in life you really have to accept things and even people just for what they are.


The journey continues. And I’m traveling light. Next stop..New York City!

xo Ginny


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