Ginny’s Girls

Every girl needs a girlfriend. As in a ride or die, down for life, up for anything, brings the shovel to bury his body, can’t bail you out because you’re both in jail, type person. We all need one and in return, we’ll need to be one.

And I am fortunate enough to have more than one, which comes in handy. Because as you grow.. life, location and even just timing means that your bestie may not always be within reach just when you need her.

I cherish my friends. I don’t need  to imitate any of them, I can shine as just myself. And as I’ve often found, my girls and I all share at our core that quality that unites us but we are still all dynamic, diverse and unique.

I am blessed to have them. They will be there at all the big events of my life and most importantly on the random Tuesday evening when I just need to talk. And I in turn will be there for them.

We all want to find him..that soul mate to experience life with. But never discount the chicks that have your back when you are falling in love and falling apart, because they’re your soul mates too.


x. Ginny


2 thoughts on “Ginny’s Girls

  1. Jarrod C says:

    With regards to your quote, I used to tell my ex-wife that we needed to be wherever we were supposed to be 30 minutes before we actually were and we had to leave 30 minutes before the time we actually needed to leave, because she took so long to choose an outfit and get ready.

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    • theginnydiaries says:

      Lol. Yes. So clearly you understand. Apparently choosing an outfit is just the beginning of the battle. Because there are horrors in store if when the outfit is finally on the body, it still just doesn’t look right to the wearer. Sigh. Thanks for sharing!


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