28 to infinity

“Experience is a better teacher than age.” – gdp

As my 30th year approaches I am reminded more often than not that I am young. Which is quite weird as I very notably had a mid-life crisis at 22. And as my birthday approached this year I just felt old and not older.

My age as is age in general however, is no more than a marker. My measure of maturity even my sense of self are not attached to it. I had to learn this.

I will admit that there is a difference and a divide between the 80’s and 90’s babies. And it’s all down to technology and its rapid advancement between those decades. At 22 with my issues of existentialism, I was quite different to the 22 year olds of today. However, that may also be attributable to the fact that I am such a unicorn of a person. 💁

The one thing I did attribute to my age was my decline in memory. And that’s astounding because I remember everything. Nowadays though, I really have to write things down. I keep double booking my summer schedule actually. It’s more likely that I’m just thinking differently now. Because while I’m mixing up dates, I’m writing whole pieces in my head.

I’m not 22 anymore and frankly I do not understand 22 years olds. I won’t lie. I am older. But the way I feel is not due to age. I feel stronger and better. I have more insight and peace. And I know now that I had to lose so much to gain even more.


x. Ginny


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