Like Me

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to be a man. There are several times as a matter of fact and yes, Steve Harvey would approve. I think I’m just getting tired of feelings to be honest.

Women are proclaimed the weaker sex and yet we accomplish physical and mental feats that are astounding. I mean, I once had to explain to an ex what my period felt like. And as much as I tried, I doubt I did that bitch Flo justice but he just agreed to accept that, “yea, it’s painful.”

I however get tired of feeling. I’ve seen too many males feel and still act like nothing meanwhile the females are either home wrecked or out wrecking to deal. Have I said I was tired? We feel the need to justify everything. And then we get on this purpose driven “I’m a boss” type feminist shtick.

So, I guess this is mine. A friend of mine recently suggested that I should live like a transvestite. Appalling, I know. But she had a point. I needed a set of balls to go with my vagina.

I can’t even say though that I’m going to think like a man. I don’t think they think right anyway.  Hence, I’m going to think like me. The me that my future self will have improved upon and my present self has the joy of finding.


x. Ginny


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