The Finding Of You

There are many things in life which we endure. Monumental, inadequate, things which we go through and we do them alone. And sometimes we have to. Because the solitary journey is needed for the definition of the essence of the individual being.

In laaman, we all need to find ourselves. No one can tell you who you are, no one can find you for you. Although, they try. But it never holds the same significance and magnitude until the discovery is made from within.

We spend so much..time, energy, thought..on what is outside. We want to see the world, explore new things, attain our goals and dreams. But, the biggest accomplishment to which we can ever aspire is just to know ourselves. And that’s as far as I’m concerned.

Arguably, it will be with these external pursuits that we are challenged to look internally. However, we can very easily become susceptible to our insatiable natures and thus we lose our way.

What’s truly good about it all though, is that there are no set rules for how it’s done. To be lost is just to be found in somewhere new and our journey’s end is better valued for the wrong turns, the pit-stops and enduring all we go through.

x. Ginny


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