From There To Here

Dear All,

I was very recently attacked for the way in which I’m walking my journey. I was honestly taken aback. Because to the best of my knowledge I wasn’t hurting anyone, or even inconveniencing anyone, I was just trying to become a better me.

We all have our crosses we bear, we all have our trials and stress and I cannot judge anyone who is trying to not sink but swim and to have strength through struggle. I cannot judge because what is theirs is not mine.

As a people we often make fun of or feud with someone who really might have alot to teach us. Someone who we can help to rise up instead of kick down, someone we can relate to instead of piss on. And we don’t. We think we know all based on very little and we make hypocritical judgments to inevitably let ourselves feel better.

Don’t talk down to my struggle. You don’t know what I went through to be here. And just as love comes for us all, so too does loss. Don’t call me fat so you can feel skinny. Don’t say I’m ugly so that you can be a beauty queen. You gain nothing of value by judging me or another.

Sometimes people chastise you for only cracking the glass yet they miss the effort you put in even to make so small an impact.
They are the non-factors, the distractions, the time bombs and the pot holes. Pay them only as much attention as is needed to avoid them because as annoying as they are, they are temporary. Find your goal point and keep your focus. You are bettering you.

I write to find light in the darkness. I write for readjustment and renewal. It’s been nearly a year since my fall and my life has changed in all the ways that made me, me. And even so, I rise, I get up, I get better.

x. Ginny


11 thoughts on “From There To Here

  1. Jarrod C says:

    Remember that most individuals deflect their own fears and insecurities on others in a manner of aggression so they don’t have to deal with their own faults.

    I’d guess that is likely what happened. Don’t let people sway you. You know who you are.

    Hope your journey continues to be a positive one.


  2. e says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Sadness that a piece like this even needed to be written. I’m the big Sister you never asked for so I ask you to forgive me in advance for the extent in which I care. You said something in your piece that really resonated with me….

    “Sometimes people chastise you for only cracking the glass yet they miss the effort you put in even to make so small an impact.”

    I honor you, your voice & your journey,



  3. Spilling Ink says:

    Consume not your thoughts with these naysayers. People will always have an opinion on subjects for which they do not understand. When we as a people realize the world is more than black and white and open our eyes to the brilliant hues that are contained in this place, maybe then we shall begin to see change. The one variable you can control in any case is yourself; and from my purview you are doing Excellent.. Keep doing you honey, even when you are not sure. Trust your path. Trust your instincts
    Much Love

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