Thank You

There is an odd sense of peace that surrounds you in facing your biggest fear. That by dealing with your demons head on, you realize that either they are as terrifying if not more so than you imagined or actually just over-inflated, bloated impressions of what you thought was real. The fact is though, that sink or swim, you get wet. 

I can never fully describe the feeling. Whether it was a rush of adrenaline or a delayed motion sequence, it all just reads surreal. And then, there’s another milestone attained. 

So don’t be afraid. This too shall pass. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes its worse than you expected. But the peace that comes from actually being past it is immense and yet immeasurable, it is calming and yet triumphant.

And this is how I seek to live everyday.

Still at peace and live in motion. 

x. Ginny


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