It’s My Mother’s Day

I am the youngest of my mother’s five, much younger in fact, and so quite often I feel like an only child. Many people realising the age gap between my siblings and I, however have remarked many things over the years. There was the question of, “why did your mother have another child” and the statement to me, which she hates most..”maybe you shouldn’t have been born..”

And I say, so what? Yes I am technicaly in the wrong generation, I have nieces and nephews my age and I am already a great aunt, but I say whatever. I am happy to be born just to have a mother like mine.

I grew up without my father and I have seen her struggle, sweat and fight for me. And as a little girl, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d tell you..”just like my mother.” (author dreams aside) She was and still is my hero, my heartbeat and my inspiration.

Annnnddd it’s her birthday. So I wish her all the goodness and blessings and God’s grace and guidance. I am thankful for her because her response every time she was asked about me, has always been, “I thought I was done, but God wasn’t done with me.”

Salud Mama. I love you.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.


x. Ginny


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