I went to University at the age of 21. And I dare say that I was better for it. I had already worked for two years, during which time I was able to grow and become independent. Even more, I was able to learn more about me and what I wanted from myself in the long run.

It is the norm today that upon leaving high school, then the next step is university. And we sign up and pay for higher learning without higher guidance. Universities, however are a business. They have no problem accepting you for programs and then changing the course criteria, they allow you to sign up at $100 but by your second year you’ll need $200. They have no problem if you don’t attend class, because if you fail, then you just pay them to do it again. And unfortunately, it is only when you’re paying your own way through university that you’re wise to the business of it.

Taking the time to discover yourself is pivotal in any life. And who says that the career you choose in high school or the one you dreamt of as a child is what you need to do for the rest of your life? I do believe in higher education. But like anything you’ll put time and energy into and from which you wish a worthwhile outcome, then clarity and certainty are necessary.

I believe in learning through experience and responsibility, in exploring different cultures and class systems, and in opening the eye and mind to more than what we’re taught. I believe that there are limits to the body which the human soul refuses to acknowledge. And so in the pursuit of education and any betterment of life, we should be so mindful.

Here’s to my graduate studies in life.

x. Ginny


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