About Time

Too much freedom can be distracting. And perhaps this is more so the case after constant rigidity and timelines. We yearn for such freedoms, without alarms and timesheets, where phones aren’t required to be silent with guards at the door and sentries behind your back.

But what then do we do with the time?

My bucket list is inexhaustible. I’ve found however that even time needs a guideline. It is foolish to waste money, a crime to waste love and sinful to waste time. It is neither ours to give nor to take, we meet it and leave it and sci-fi be damned, it cannot be replicated. Time just is until it isn’t.

And whatever time we have needs balance. Not the harsh rigidities of enslavement and neither the free for all largesses of wastrels. See your time as a blessing and a gift and treat it in such ways that count. As with all things that are non-renewable, make the very best of it.

See it like the first time…and live like its the last.

x. Ginny


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