As the summer draws to a close, so too it seems the year. It brings with it a sense that I am on the precipice of what has been a good thing but on the verge of what will be better. And while it often feels as if I have hurt too much, cried too often and loved too deep, I don’t believe that I have lived enough.

Thus, as a single, young, faithful to myself, fearful of God, writing wandering woman (I believe in branding) I want to put into effect today what I will be happy to have grown from tomorrow.

Life is sacred. Do what you do for the right reasons. Some things are like pouring cement into a black hole and beating a dead horse..they get you nowhere.

And I’m not even trying to be everywhere. I am living my bucket list into effect, in search of the right where.

Words for me have never been difficult. Actions, however have been my struggle. But as a woman of reality, I also believe in balance and I endorse harmony.

Say less. Do more.

You just may have to start sleeping with my thoughts a mystery.

I’ll see you in life.

Sometimes you have to jump with nothing there to catch you, but the faith that something will.

x. Ginny


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