a hundred to zero

You know the people you meet where one day they didn’t exist to you until suddenly they do..that you spend all day talking to..and you go from 0 – 100 just like that? Because isn’t it strange that just as quickly they can be gone? And all that is left is the memory and the way that they made you feel. You may have only known them for a little while but they still impact your life.

The people who have lasted the longest in my life have been the slow burners however. The ones who simmered and took time. These are the people who don’t need social media notifications to remember it’s your birthday, they’re at your house on a regular old Tuesday, they get more offended on your behalf than you do and your greatest adventures together often occur quite by accident. You don’t share DNA but a piece of one lives in the other.

And yet, even these bonds at times are not forever. Though some you must lose, to find again. But even when you go from 100 – 0, and from all to nothing, you’re left with more than a memory and the way that they made you feel. You have the person that in their absence you were encouraged to become.

I’m really no longer sure as to whether forever exists. I just count my losses as lessons and chase the shadows with light. And life I have come to expect, may just be a series of nows with no tomorrow.

x. Ginny


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